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Program Planning Checklist

Program Planning Checklist

Posted by: San Francisco Film Society

The following checklist is designed to help filmmaker instructors and classroom teachers work together to plan a classroom filmmaking program. This will help determine and contextualize what you would like to accomplish during the semester and how you plan to get there. 

An editable version of this program planning tool is available for download in the Lesson Exchange. 

Inquiry Question(s) 

Create at least one overarching inquiry question for your classroom film program. This should be a “how can” question. Remember this can be refined over time. For example: 

• “How can we use a classroom-wide documentary filmmaking project to enhance engagement and understanding around the 10th Grade ELA Memoir Unit?” 

• “How can we enable students to make connections between biology and their day-to-day lives and develop research skills through small-group filmmaking projects?” 

• “How can we use this filmmaking project to help students self-assess their work and document their classroom learning?” 

Program Goals 

Identify big-picture goals that are: 

• Measurable 

• Involve collaboration between the classroom teacher and any team teaching staff or visiting instructors 

• Achievable within the classroom setting and culture 

• Including concepts they will master 

• Including art/artists they will examine and discuss 


Before beginning the program, all collaborators should be on the same page. 


In order to shape the program, you’ll need to identify how much time you have and how filmmaking lessons will interact with your other classroom activities and curricula. 

Culminating Product and Events 

Make a list of what products (e.g., films, scripts, storyboards, etc.) will be created during the course of the program, highlighting the program goals/creative skills acquired as well as the number of pieces created and revised. 


List the materials that will be needed for the program. 

Film Screenings 

List the films or film clips you intend to screen. 

Curriculum Integration 

Describe how the program work is being integrated into the classroom’s core curriculum. 

Skill Building 

List the specific skills that are being built/emphasized.

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