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Program Planning and Assessment

Program Planning and Assessment

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We suggest that anyone designing and implementing a classroom film program should continually monitor and evaluate that program keeping the following factors in mind:

• Learning Goals: Filmmaker instructors, classroom teachers, and teaching staff should work together to identify the desired outcomes for the program in advance of its start date. You may use the worksheets in our Program Planning series in our Lesson Exchange to outline your program goals.

• Planning: A thorough planning process should take place in advance of any classroom film program. In programs that involve a collaboration between a classroom teacher and a visiting artist, the planning process should be collaborative. Teachers and and teaching artists should stay in regular communication with each other throughout the course of the program. 

• Lesson Plans: Evaluate the success of individual lessons, and note potential areas for improvement. Teachers and filmmakers may use the resources in the Program Planning series in the Lesson Exchange to create and evaluate media arts lessons collaboratively.

• Troubleshooting: Teaching staff and visiting instructors should maintain open avenues of communication and schedule regular check-ins to adapt the program structure and lesson format during the session.

• Observation: Engaging outside observers through your school or through other partnering organizations may be a good way to collect additional feedback for ways to improve or expand your media arts program.

• Assessment: Following the completion of your classroom film program, we recommend that all students, teachers, and filmmaker instructors complete a written evaluation of the program’s strengths and weaknesses, assessing the skills acquired by teaching staff and students. Thorough evaluations will be useful for subsequent program planning. We have several examples of assessment forms in the Lesson Exchange section of this site.


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