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Posted by: San Francisco Film Society

The San Francisco Film Society originally designed this curriculum to support its Filmmakers in the Classroom (FITC) program. The curriculum has now been developed into this dynamic series of tools and resources on the FilmEd. website, which media educators and classroom teachers everywhere can access as an open educational resource. 

The core goals of the FilmEd. curriculum include watching films, making films and developing media literacy. But it is designed for flexibility, and each teacher is encouraged to adapt it to suit the needs of their classroom.

This curriculum guide is meant to be just that: a guide. Classrooms and their needs vary wildly from school to school, and this is a tool to help educators flexibly use media arts education to help enhance current core coursework and to create meaningful lesson plans that will help students connect and engage with their lessons. Although we feel that there is a wealth of helpful information contained here, we encourage classroom teachers and filmmaker instructors alike to select and use the sections that are most helpful to them.

This curriculum guide has been developed for use by three principal audiences:

Classroom Teachers
Classroom teachers are meant to use this guide as a way to learn more about how to successfully integrate media arts into the classroom, both with and without the assistance of a filmmaker instructor on-site. Teachers should refer to this guide as a way to best collaborate with a filmmaker instructor, plan instruction, and to create media-driven (or -supported) lessons and curricula that complement existing coursework and create an atmosphere that allows for differentiated learning and alignment with local and national standards for learning.

Filmmaker Instructors
Filmmaker instructors are meant to use this guide as a way to apply their professional expertise within a classroom setting. Filmmakers may use this guide to see how best to use their skills to encourage learning, support classroom teachers, and familiarize themselves with how to present their skills to teachers and students in a formalized, educationally relevant manner.

Students are not the primary audience for this guide, but they are the focal point. There are a number of tools, worksheets and ideas for films to watch, activities to participate in, and information about what type of film work is most appropriate for the developmental stage that they are in. More student-oriented resources will be offered in the coming months as the FilmEd. site continues to grow and develop.

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