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School Screenings: Organization and Impact

School Screenings: Organization and Impact

Posted by: San Francisco Film Society

Participating in a series of screenings with K-12 or college students is a fantastic way to feel the educational impact of your film and to watch learning in action. School screenings may include anything from a one-time visit to a class that has watched your film previously, to a larger screening in a school auditorium or public theater followed by a Q&A, to an ongoing relationship with a teacher and group of students in which you share elements of your creative process. 

Many young people are not familiar with the world of independent film, and the opportunity to watch films created outside of mainstream media outlets and on limited budgets can be an eye-opening experience. This is amplified if the director, producer, crew and/or cast members can be present during a Q&A to discuss the filmmaking process with young viewers. The process of bringing a film from idea to text to screen can be opaque to student audiences who have only seen the final products of big budget productions. The chance to open up the process and ask questions of successful media makers is a tremendously empowering experience for youth, especially those who have their own stories to tell. A school screening is not only a chance to reach young audiences, but also a means of cultivating a new generation of independent film enthusiasts and makers. 

You might organize a school visit yourself by communicating directly with educators whom you know personally, or whom you have met through the FilmEd. network. You may also want to partner with a local nonprofit to help you coordinate a series of school visits or screenings in a local theater. The Education Department at the San Francisco Film Society organizes school visits and theater screenings in the San Francisco Bay Area, and may be able to help you connect with similar organizations in other cities and states nationwide. Contact education@sffs.org for more information and to schedule a consultation.  

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