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Featured Outreach Strategies: Overview

Featured Outreach Strategies: Overview

Posted by: San Francisco Film Society

Below we have listed several films that approach educational outreach with different yet equally sucessful strategies. These projects serve as examples of the varied ways that filmmakers approach the educational space. We hope they will inspire filmmakers with works in progress to consider the innovative ways that they might approach educational outreach. 
Fruitvale Station and the San Francisco Film Society

The San Francisco Film Society's Education department has been working with filmmakers in the educational community for more than 20 years, curating hundreds of films relevant to educational audiences. SFFS outreach involves the coordination of dozens of free school screenings and filmmaker school visits per year, reaching more than 10,000 K-12 and college students throughout the Bay Area. Read more...


Miss Representation

Following the release of the critically acclaimed 2011 documentary film Miss Representation, director and filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom teamed up with a diverse group of educators to design a curriculum that gives media literacy a much needed gender focus. Read more...

Patchwork Films: Speaking in Tongues

Over the past three and a half years, the film has reached hundreds of thousands of students, parents, policymakers and advocates in fields ranging from bilingual and heritage language education to immigration integration, cross-cultural competency and multicultural healthcare, via a successful PBS broadcast, web streaming, and classroom, conference and community screenings. Read more...

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