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An Overview of Educational Outreach

An Overview of Educational Outreach

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An educational outreach campaign aims to engage students and educators with the core issues and subjects that a film addresses. Educational outreach can be as simple as creating a flyer that college groups can use when holding community screenings, or it may be as involved as developing an interactive website and organizing school visits with the director. Filmmakers employ different educational outreach models depending on a film's specific goals and budget. You may wish to consult our featured outreach strategies to explore a variety of approaches. 

Using your film as a learning tool will enable you to reach new audiences and to expose young people to the issues and arguments that your film raises. Classroom screenings, discussions, and follow-up assignments can increase a film's impact among future activisists, lawmakers, and leaders. 

Filmmakers often underestimate a film's potential to engage youth audiences and to find a place in grade schools and on college campuses. As new national and state learning standards call for media literacy in the K-12 system, educators are increasingly watching and analyzing films in their classrooms. For many projects, engaging young audiences through community-centered educational outreach is the key to sowing the seeds of social change. 

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