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FilmEd. and the Common Core

FilmEd. and the Common Core

Posted by: San Francisco Film Society

Classroom film projects create a wonderful framework for implementing the Common Core principles of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, presentation and demonstration, problem solving, research and inquiry, and career readiness. Classroom film production empowers students to take charge of their own learning and to cultivate both intellectual and social development. In a film project, students will work in groups, master new technology, engage beyond the classroom, and combine problem solving with self and peer assessment to produce a final product to share with their community.

As more classrooms go one-to-one and learning becomes increasingly mediated by video and digital media, it becomes ever more important to equip our students with the skills for media literacy. A combined program of filmmaking and film viewing, as outlined in the FilmEd. curriculum guide, gives students the tools they need to be active thinkers and cultural critics in the 21st century.

The FilmEd. guide is flexible. It gives you the tools to integrate media literacy learning into your classroom, align lessons with your subject, and teach at a level appropriate for your students. The resources here will assist you in embedding new literacy components into your own curricula, according to the model outlined in the Common Core:

To be ready for college, workforce training, and life in a technological society, students need the ability to gather, comprehend, evaluate, synthesize, and report on information and ideas, to conduct original research in order to answer questions or solve problems, and to analyze and create a high volume and extensive range of print and nonprint texts in media forms old and new. The need to conduct research and to produce and consume media is embedded into every aspect of today’s curriculum. In like fashion, research and media skills and understandings are embedded throughout the Standards rather than treated in a separate section.

The FilmEd. curriculum guide aims to support teachers as they engage with media in the classroom and to instill in students the critical tools to be conscientious media consumers and creators.

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