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Cumulative Exercises

Cumulative Exercises

Posted by: San Francisco Film Society

Classroom filmmaking projects vary widely, and there are a number of factors to consider when planning your cumulative project, ranging from the time allotted, the number of final projects your classroom intends to complete, the age of the students, and the special needs of the school or classroom. 

First you should select your MEDIUM

• Video 

• Photography 

• Animation 

Once you have that nailed down, what GENRE will it be? 

• Narrative 

• Documentary 

• PSA 

• News/broadcast 

• Animation 

• Experimental 

Classroom filmmaking exercises should support your existing curriculum. Which SUBJECT AREA are you aligning your classroom project with? 

• English 

• Social Studies/History 

• Math 

• Science 

• Visual Arts 

• Performing Arts 

• Health 

Which selected STANDARDS would you like the classroom film program to support in your classroom? 

• Artistic Perception 

• Creative Expression 

• Historical and Cultural Context 

• Aesthetic Valuing 

• Connections, Relationships, Applications 

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