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Anatomy of a Media Arts Lesson: Preparation

Anatomy of a Media Arts Lesson: Preparation

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In preparation for your media arts lesson, you may want to engage the class in a group discussion. This will allow you to focus students’ attention on the task at hand and to make sure that they are all on the same page before beginning an activity.

Discussions often take place at the start of the lesson—as part of an intro, warm-up, or skill review—but can easily be peppered throughout the lesson as needed.

An inquiry-based approach and use of open-ended questions will allow you to discuss any or all of the following topics:

• Review what’s been completed thus far and assess what steps need to happen next

• Check in on interpersonal dynamics and address any challenges posed by the collaborative nature of media arts projects

• Encourage students to connect the dots and draw upon existing knowledge

• Introduce new concepts, terms, and techniques

• Assess student comprehension by having them articulate what they’ve learned or what they plan to do

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