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The Lesson Library is a free exchange space where educators and filmmakers can share lesson plans and curricula for watching and making media in the classroom. Why reinvent the wheel? Search for resources created by teachers and artists, or upload your own best lessons to this community library. 
Batkid Begins is a documentary film about a young boy who wants to be batm... San Francisco Film Society 4/22/2015 Download
The Fits is a narrative feature film that uses poetic imagery and metaphor ... San Francisco Film Society 4/19/2016 Download
Collected from around the United States, this compilation of short documen... San Francisco Film Society 4/21/2016 Download
Life, Animated is a coming-of-age documentary about Owen Suskind, who lives... San Francisco Film Society 4/25/2016 Download
The Youth Works program showcases the work of teen filmmakers in a program ... San Francisco Film Society 4/30/2016 Download
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