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The Lesson Library is a free exchange space where educators and filmmakers can share lesson plans and curricula for watching and making media in the classroom. Why reinvent the wheel? Search for resources created by teachers and artists, or upload your own best lessons to this community library. 
This lesson planner introduces the many techniques to shooting a short docu... Danielle Derisse 11/20/2013 Download
Stable Life is a documentary about an immigrant family who live and work i... San Francisco Film Society 1/8/2014 Download
Students write about their favorite person with their own story ideas, and... San Francisco Film Society 1/21/2014 Download
Cairo 678 is a narrative feature film about the pervasive y... San Francisco Film Society 3/7/2014 Download
Instructions for lesson for high school students: - Write about your favori... Danielle Bezalel 3/17/2014 Download
Look at: Story Boarding and Documentary Film Genre: "The Roper" Instructio... Danielle Bezalel 3/17/2014 Download
Instructions for lessons for high school students: - Watch the film "Superm... Danielle Bezalel 3/17/2014 Download
Hellion is a narrative feature film about Jacob, a hell-raising metal and ... San Francisco Film Society 4/21/2014 Download
Cesar’s Last Fast is a documentary film about the personal and spiri... San Francisco Film Society 4/22/2014 Download
School of Babel  is a documentary film about a program for immigrant ... San Francisco Film Society 4/22/2014 Download


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