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The Lesson Library is a free exchange space where educators and filmmakers can share lesson plans and curricula for watching and making media in the classroom. Why reinvent the wheel? Search for resources created by teachers and artists, or upload your own best lessons to this community library. 
Google and the World Brain is a feature documentary about the Google Books ... mark monroe 11/11/2013 Download
This study guide is intended to flexibly support educators in preparing for... San Francisco Film Society 11/15/2013 Download
A Return to the Amazon In this video, filmmaker Denise Zmekhol returns to ... Denise Zmekhol 6/19/2014 Download
Changes to the People and Culture  A visit to the town of Cacoal show... Denise Zmekhol 6/19/2014 Download
A Rubber Tapping Invasion Rubber tapping used to be a sustainable process ... Denise Zmekhol 6/20/2014 Download
A History of Colonization  Take a look back at the early colonization... Denise Zmekhol 6/20/2014 Download
Contact, Disease, and Change Learn how infectious diseases impacted the Su... Denise Zmekhol 6/20/2014 Download
Settlement and Deforestation After the 1970s, the flood of new settlement ... Denise Zmekhol 6/20/2014 Download
Life in the Amazon Today Explore the global impact of the changes in the A... Denise Zmekhol 6/20/2014 Download
The short film Trading Bows And Arrows for Laptops plays very well as an u... Denise Zmekhol 6/20/2014 Download
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