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CREATED: Monday, April 02, 2018

Speak Up is a feature documentary following a group of students at the University of Saint-Denis in preparation for the “Eloquentia” competition for the “Best Orator of 93” (93 being the area code greater Paris where the banlieue of Saint-Denis is located). It takes an empathetic look into the lives, circumstances, and hopes and dreams of the film’s diverse cast of students—a self-identifying Muslim feminist, a previously homeless student, and an aspiring actor who walks 12 miles to school each day are just a few. Through the many weeks of study, learning the art of rhetoric and public speaking, each student ultimately finds their own voice and embrace the power of free speech. Speak Up will invite students to take a second look at words, often thrown away and taken for granted, and develop a new critical engagement with them as a potentially charged and political yet uniquely personal medium. Discussion question and supplementary materials facilitate further engagement with related topics of Peer/Youth Issues, Political Science, Women’s Studies, and World/Current Affairs.



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