Art & Science of Lucasfilm: Rogue One A Star Wars Story: SFFILM Education Viewing Guide


POSTED BY: San Francisco Film Society

CREATED: Monday, April 17, 2017

This special Schools at the Festival edition of our long running collaborative educational series will highlight the work of the Academy Award nominated film Rogue One. Experienced professionals from Lucasfilm will share their knowledge in a behind-the-scenes, interactive multimedia presentation that demonstrates the intersection of art and science in the entertainment industry, all while making connections to current STEAM curriculum topics. Presentation doesn’t include screening of the film.

The Art & Science of Lucasfilm program features experienced proefssionals from the various Lucasfilm divisions sharing their knowledge with Bay Area middle and high school students in a series of behind-the-scenes, interactive multimedia presentations that demonstrate the intersection of art and science in the entertainment industry. Each event includes time for discussion, where students have the opportunity to ask questions of Lucasfilm, supervisors, artists and engineers.



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