Children of the Amazon, Lesson 3


POSTED BY: Denise Zmekhol

CREATED: Thursday, June 19, 2014

Changes to the People and Culture 

A visit to the town of Cacoal shows just how much the Amazon has changed over the last few decades, and how the influx of manufactured goods, materials, and beliefs has impacted the indigenous community. See how the old traditions have been shaped by this new influence, and through the lesson plan below, explore the difference between things that we want and things that we need.

Children of the Amazon invites you to see through the eyes of these inspiring, remarkably resilient people whose lives are transformed by a road carved through their forest home by an outside world. From Chief Amir Surui’s embattled efforts to stop illegal loggers to the assassination of legendary rubber tapper Chico Mendes, this poetic and visually stunning film engages our senses and sympathies as global issues take on a profound human perspective.

This lesson plan includes a short video to watch in the classroom and viewing guide for targeted discussion. To watch a trailer and learn more about Children of the Amazon or to buy the DVD please visit



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