FilmEd. is a space for connection and collaboration.

Our network of teachers, filmmakers, teaching artists, administrators, nonprofit organizations, and media literacy professionals is one of the most valuable resources on this site. Connecting with the network will enable you to showcase your work, get feedback, and find new opportunities and ideas.

It's easy to make connections:

1) Create a login and build your profile. 

2) Check the Directory for people you already know and people you'd like to connect with, and request connections. 

3) Browse the site, bookmark materials, make comments, and request connections to people whose work is interesting to you. Once you are connected, you will see their uploads, they will see yours, and you will have the opportunity to exchange contact information. 

4) Upload your own materials and participate by: showcasing student films on the Video Channel, sharing your favorite lesson plans in the Lesson Library, or sharing a story from your classroom on the blog. Filmmakers can share film clips and curricular materials in the Lesson Exchange. Watch a short tutorial to learn how.

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