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Hurrah and We're Off To The Cutting Room!!!

Posted by: Danielle Derisse
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I want to make this slow motion!

I want it to fade in, how do I make it fade in?!

I hate how I look in this clip, can I delete it!?


My kids are now learning iMovie! Yesterday was our second time in the brand spanking new Mac Lab at Francisco Middle School. It's incredibly exciting (rewarding!) watching them use the tech for editing the footage they shot and directed. 

After the fun and laughter, we have to get down to business! Fortunately we have five adults in the room handling thirty hyperactive, charismatic students. Unfortunately, not all the adults are well versed in iMovie. That's okay! 

iMovie is your basic film editing program, but with some of specific questions it can seem a bit complicated. Apple is also constantly updating everything, so you can't get too comfortable with the layout of everything.


               This link goes out to all of the adult chaperones in any media literacy class in the nation!

Just some of the basics! Even I needed a refresher because I'm used to a much older version of iMovie. 

If you are even more interested in iMovie and perhaps want to cut together some of your own footage of your awesome class......

Now that website has tutorials and screenshots! You can also use this to put together an editing lesson of sorts for your class. But FYI the iMovie portrayed in both of those links are iMovie 10 not the 11. They're not that different, just a few changes here and there.  

                                  One more thing! How about a cool pdf packet tutorial of iMovie'11?

Good Luck! 




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