FilmEd. for Students

FilmEd. for Students

Self-directed students can use this site to gain skills and knowledge about professional filmmaking practices, to showcase their own work on the FilmEd. Video Channel, and to connect with local programs and resources. 

The media landscape is changing and no one knows this better than young people! Contribute your voice to a national conversation about media literacy by posting to our Twitter feed, or writing an article for the FilmEd. blog. We want to hear from you.

The Video Channel is an online gallery space dedicated to exhibiting the work of filmmakers under the age of 18. You can upload videos that you made in class, in after school programs, or on your own with friends and family. On the FilmEd. Video Channel you can exchange feedback with an audience of your peers. It's a great feeling to share your work and to see what other young filmmakers are up to. Join the community and see for yourself! 

If you want to brush up on your basics, or you've got your first camera and you're not sure where to start, check out our Technical Tutorials. We've selected some of the best YouTube tutorials to give you the skills you need to start making your own films. We're always looking to expand this space, so if you have suggestions for tutorials that aren't on the site, contact us at and let us know what you need (or, if you're ahead of the game and make your own tutorials, let us know so we can feature them!).

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