FilmEd. for Filmmakers

FilmEd. for Filmmakers

This site has a host of resources for filmmakers who would like to engage with an educational audience. We encourage you to use our network to connect with community partners, educational distributors, administrators, and teachers with whom you might collaborate in your outreach effort. To join the network and search for potential partners, create a profile and then visit the directory

In the FilmEd. for Filmmakers section of our Teaching Tools, we offer a series of articles explaining the process of developing a successful educational outreach strategy that matches your film’s goals, budget, and target audience. We offer insight toward success in the educational marketplace, and guidelines for creating curricula that align with grade levels and learning standards.

In the Filmmaker Resources category of the Lesson Library, we provide a downloadable worksheet to help you articulate outreach goals to match your project. If you have your own materials that have been useful in planning an educational program, feel free to use this space to share them with the commnity. In addition to the Filmmakers Resources, the range of curricular materials available through the Lesson Library may serve as useful examples to
filmmakers and curriculum developers. 

To catch up on news and current theory about media literacy and the role of film in the classroom, visit our Social section. You can follow the conversation via Twitter and our selection of featured blogs, including our own FilmEd. blog. 

If you are interested in a consultation with SFFS Education staff and assistance with curriculum development and educational outreach, please contact us at to explore partnership options. 

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