FilmEd. for Educators

 FilmEd. for Classroom Teachers and Teaching Artists: we are here to support you!

FilmEd. is a space where educators can connect and can access and share ideas for promoting media literacy and teaching media making in the classroom. Engaging with our network of teachers, filmmakers, teaching artists, administrators, nonprofit organizations, and media literacy professionals will enable you to better utilize media in the classroom, showcase your work, get feedback, and find new opportunities and ideas. Visit our Community page to learn more about the network. 

Our Teaching Tools section provides a comprehensive framework for educators interested in implementing a media literacy curriculum and/or experimenting with filmmaking projects in the classroom. The resource also provides a number of documents to support partnerships between visiting artists and K-12 classes. 
Think of the Teaching Tools as an online professional development course. If you follow the articles and the worksheets at your own pace, you will emerge with a customized program for teaching media skills to your students in your classroom. 

The Lesson Library is an interactive database, where educators can share their best media literacy and media arts curricula. The San Francisco Film Society's library of viewing guides and media-making lessons is also available in the exchange. Upload your own materials, or browse for lessons to download.

The Video Channel is an exhibition space for media projects created by young makers, under the age of 18. When you make films in the classroom, you can upload them to this space and encourage students to interact with each others' work in respectful ways in the comments section. Students are welcome to upload projects created inside or outside the classroom. 

The Community section showcases the latest thinking and discussion around media literacy in education. We feature a number of relevant blogs, including our own FilmEd. blog. If you have something to share and want to write a guest post, contact us! You can also follow and participate in the conversation on Twitter. 

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