About FilmEd.

FilmEd. for Classroom Teachers, Teaching Artists, and Students

FilmEd. is a space where educators can connect and can access and share ideas for promoting media literacy and teaching media making in the classroom. Engaging with our network of teachers, filmmakers, teaching artists, administrators, nonprofit organizations, and media literacy professionals will enable you to better utilize media in the classroom, showcase your work, get feedback, and find new opportunities and ideas. Visit our Social page to learn more about the network. 

Our Teaching Tools provides a comprehensive framework for educators interested in implementing a media literacy curriculum and/or experimenting with filmmaking projects in the classroom. It provides a number of support documents for partnerships with a visiting artist working with a K-12 class. 

The Lesson Library is an interactive database, where educators can share their best media literacy and media arts curricula. The San Francisco Film Society's library of viewing guides and media-making lessons is also available in the exchange.

The Video Channel is an exhibition space for media projects created by young makers. When you make films in the classroom, you can upload them to this space and encourage students to interact with each others' work in respectful ways in the comments section. 

The Community section is where people can connect and join an international conversation about 21st century literacy and media arts. Engage with us on Twitter with #SFFSFilmEd. or write a post for our blog. The FilmEd. Blog is a multigenerational conversation spaced focused on the meaning of media literacy and our experiences in learning and teaching with media. We often explore technology alongside our students, and the FilmEd. community wants to hear student voices. In addition to your own stories about using media in the classroom, we invite you to also encourage your students to contribute to the blog, at your discretion.


FilmEd. for Filmmakers

This site has a host of resources for filmmakers who would like to engage with an educational audience. We encourage you to use our network to connect with community partners, educational distributors, administrators, and teachers with whom you might engage in your outreach efforts. 

In the FilmEd. for Filmmakers section of our Teaching Tools, we offer a series of articles explaining the process of developing curricular materials and engaging an outreach strategy to connect with your target communities.

In the Resources for Filmmakers section of the Lesson Exchange, we offer examples of successful curricula and their outreach strategies, and we provide a worksheet to help you articulate outreach goals to match your project.

If you are interested in a consultation with SFFS Education staff and assistance with curriculum development and educational outreach, please contact us to explore partnership options. 



FilmEd. grew out of a desire to make the San Francisco Film Society’s Filmmakers in the Classroom curriculum accessible to educators who are teaching media literacy and media making in K-12 classrooms.

The Filmmakers in the Classroom (FITC) program was launched in 2010, connecting Bay Area classrooms with local filmmakers in order to provide students and their teachers with greater access to and better understanding of media literacy, film production, new technology and storytelling tools.

The FITC program is designed to help filmmakers embed into partnering classrooms and to tailor a project that supports the learning already taking place in those classrooms. FITC aims to help classroom teachers work collaboratively with filmmaker instructors to promote media literacy and critical thinking and to teach students to create introductory media-based projects that enhance existing classroom study.

The full FITC curriculum is available in the Curriculum Guide section of this site, and can also be downloaded in pdf format from the Lesson Exchange. It is designed to enhance the local work being done in the Bay Area while making media arts education—and the tools to create successful classroom-based filmmaking programs of your own—more widely available.

More information about SFFS' Filmmakers in the Classroom program can be found here.




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